Implement your own image transformationsΒΆ

Imbo also supports custom image transformations. All you need to do is to create an event listener, and configure your transformation:

class My\Custom\Transformation implements Imbo\EventListener\ListenerInterface {
    public static function getSubscribedEvents() {
        return array('image.transformation.cooltransformation' => 'transform');

    public function transform($event) {
        $image = $event->getArgument('image');
        $params = $event->getArgument('params'); // If the transformation allows params in the URL

        // ...

return array(
    // ..

    'eventListeners' => array(
        'coolTransformation' => 'My\Custom\Transformation',

    // ...

Whenever someone requests an image using ?t[]=coolTransformation:width=100,height=200 Imbo will trigger the image.transformation.cooltransformation event, and assign the following value to the params argument of the event:

    'width' => '100',
    'height' => '200',

Take a look at the existing transformations included with Imbo for more information.